Dear Music Lovers, Dear Friends, Dear Family, Dear Neighbors


After Renate an I discovered that music calendars might be "thee" vehicle to refinance our Bach mission, we put in weeks and months, actually some 5 months, to accomplish the 99 + 4 calendars plus to accomplish our German shop. Starting in winter 2017 we will begin to catch up with the English counterpart. The calendars, that is to say the "products" however come in 2 languages already. Scroll down to experience the 99 calendar title pages.


Where Do I Get the Best Summary of All 99 + 4 Calendars?


Scroll down this page completely, please. There they are.


Where Can I Check on All Monthly Pages?


Scroll down to all calendars, to both value priced and hot off the press combined. To the bottom of this page. Click on one calendar pic. At your destination website scroll down, please. Get back here via the flag button on this destination page.



You Don't Speak Any German? Who Cares? Actually, You Don't Need It to Have Fun.


Find out that you definitely can experience each calendar section and calendar without any translation help.

2 Calendar Categories, 3 Calendar Sizes


2 categories: value priced calendars and hot off the press calendars. 3 sizes, 8.3 by 11.7, 11.7 by 16.5, 16,.5 by 34.4. All numbers in this paragraph are in inches. It's a total of 6 options for each calendar.


2 Categories, 3 Sizes = 6 Prices


The value priced calendars are € 11,90  (small), € 18,90 (medium), € 39.90 (large). The hot off the press calendars are € 22,90 (small), € 31,90 (medium), € 49,90 (large). Plus shipping and handling. Check what's that in your currency today: click on the currency calculator below.


Which Calendars Are the 9 Value Priced Calendars? 90 Hot Off the Press Calendars Are at the Bottom of this Page!


These following calendars are the 9 value priced calendars in all 3 sizes.


Are there Rebates?


Huge rebates. Starting as early as you order 2 medium or large hot off the press calendars (25%*), or 10 calendars (... mixed regarding categories plus sizes) and get 5 %* and it goes up to 30 %* with your order of 100. You need no German to precheck all rebates and then contact us. Precheck via closest button, it's easy to read the table with symbols. It's in the middle of that website page.


* ... 1 order, 1 delivery address.

What About Handling and Shipping Fees?


You need no German to check on those, too. Click on the button. The shipping and handling table is the final section on this page. After your click you find your country in a list below the table to check the category.

How Do I Get Back Here Later?


Click on the flag and world button. It's always below the first headline on the destination website.


How Do I Get to the German Shop?


This ... is pretty easy. Please click on the button.

Our Real, Real Big Request


Peter and I are "shark tank" fans and there they tell about their success via social media. We do need word of mouth support via Facebook and Twitter. Please help, as bookstores, in particular German bookstores ignore "publishing houses out of the box". We believe, this calendar offer is unique and many folks would like to learn about it. Social media and Google is our only option. Already your single visit here on this shop page counts and helps pushing this page direction Google one. As calendars are niche subject Thank you so much.


All 99 + 4 Calendars, Both Value Priced and Hot Off the Press


Read How to Order Savely Below the Bach Coloring Book


One Bach coloring book is € 6,99 plus shipping and handling.



Too Careful to Order Online or You Have Any More Questions?


If so, please send us a mail. Here, it is no call center. It's just 2 humans are sitting around, two Bachs, it's Peter and I am Renate. Please fill in the sections with the red star ( * ). If you don't hear from us within 24 hours, please try again at peter-bach (at) Thank you for telling many folks you know and love about this offer in the "depth of the internet". You never know who might be a secret music lover. Thank you.



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